02 December 2012

Ciaté's Mini Mani Month Revealed: 02 December & Swatch of Day 1!!!

Another day, another Mini Paint Pot from Ciaté !! So what does December 2nd have in store? Keep reading to find out!

It's a beautiful, classic red called "Dangerous Affair". Love it!!! Not terribly unusual (I don't really expect them to be), but beautiful none-the-less! 

And, I tried the formula of "Cupcake Queen" out last night and it is really, really nice! It went on really nicely with one coat, but I did 2 just to ensure it was nice and even. It dried really quickly, but not so quickly you couldn't get the full nail painted - does anyone else have that problem with Butter London polishes, or is it just me? There's not a single dent or impression in my nails which is often a problem with other brands so color me impressed Ciaté! The only thing I will add is that the subtle bluish sheen in the bottle doesn't seem to show at all on the nails. Still a beautiful fuchsia though!

Ciaté’s "Cupcake Queen" from December 1


  1. I'm so jealous! Would have loved to get one these :( Great pictures and swatches :D I love the dangerous affair :) my favourite so far.
    I found you on the bloghop :) New follower here! x


    1. If there are any colors you really like, I think almost all of the shades are in Ciate's permanent line so they should be available. It's not as much fun though! These sets seemed to sell out pretty quickly and it really is a fun idea. I hope more companies catch on to the idea next year! :)

      Thanks for checking out my blog. I really like yours as well! You have a new follower now too! :)

  2. The nice blue-ish shine appears if you use a top coat. I'm actually wearing it now, and it looks beatiful! :)

    1. I used a top coat, but didn't see much difference in the blue. Either way, it is a gorgeous color!!!



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