28 August 2012

Inexpensive Cruelty-Free Brands???

With many drug store cosmetic options now selling in China, I am looking for new animal-friendly brands that have a similar price range to something like Revlon. I believe NYX, ELF and Physician's Formula are still cruelty-free, but I am not too familiar with many other brands. I need YOUR help! Let me know what brands are available for reasonable prices, are cruelty-free and are worth trying. I would prefer it be something somewhat easy to find as well, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! So please let me know what lower-priced brands you love and what some of your favorite products are because I would love to hear it!!! Let me know ANY of your favorites for that matter!

Feel free to leave your suggestions below, tweet me @MakeUpGuineaPig, or leave a comment on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hey, I'm in the same boat you are, having had to dump Revlon this summer. :( I've got a huge list of cruelty-free companies that I'm currently compiling. I'm e-mailing my fingers off!

    The cheapest and most easily available thus far are NYX, Wet n Wild, ELF, Physician's Formula, and Sonia Kashuk (at Target). I haven't heard back from Bonne Bell, Milani or Hard Candy yet but I think they're still cruelty-free.

    If you want to keep tabs on my full list you can find it here on my blog (http://quickcheapandpretty.blogspot.com/p/cruelty-free-resources-beauty-brands.html). I'm updating it constantly as I get new responses from beauty companies.

  2. I really liked Revlon so it's hard to give it up, but it gives me an excuse to try new things so I guess it's not all bad! :) And thanks for the suggestions because it's slim pickin' at the drug store these days :/

    According to PETA's current list of Companies That Do NOT Test, which could be out of date, Bonne Bell and Hard Candy are still cruelty free. I just bought a variety of NYX products to try since they are all 40% at Ulta until Sunday!!! Besides, they are pretty inexpensive to begin with :) I already had some of their products, but for some reason I never pick them up to test them out.

    Thanks for the link to your full list! I really like your blog and it's so wonderful to see other bloggers focused on cruelty free brands!



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