27 July 2015

#ManiMonday - Butter London Stroppy

I absolutely love this color! For today's nails, I used 2 coats of Butter London's Stroppy. It's a beautiful kind of iridescent kind of shimmery not-quite-metallic deep reddish purple with blue flashes. I don't know how Butter London makes these completely contradictory colors, but they do it well! :) The formula is lovely. It's pretty good in one coat, but needs two for full and even coverage. Absolutely stunning and it was just what I was after when looking for a polish last night. Stroppy is just one of those spectacular "can't-stop-looking-at-your-own-nails" kind of shades that looks a bit different depending on the light. Love, love, love!

I'd love to hear about what's on your nails right now so please leave it in a comment below! Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon! xoxo

24 July 2015

Rather Random - Nature's Miracle High Sided Litter Boxes

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it’s going to be a total departure from beauty. Since this is a cruelty free beauty blog, I figure there must be some other animal lovers out there as well who may be dealing with a similar issue. If you’re not aware, I have 5 cats – house cats I might add. Litter boxes are a big deal around here! J I’ve been having a rather troubling issue the past probably couple years now that I haven’t been able to solve. I’ve been dealing with dreaded accidents outside the box. I had racked my brains trying to figure out what the problem was and finally discovered the main issue was one of my cats was not squatting low enough when peeing. (Gross I know. Get used to it…this is about litter boxes!) It took a while to realize this because I never witnessed it. One day while cleaning the boxes, she came by and low and behold the problem was suddenly clear as day!!! Obviously this was making horrible messes that were a nightmare to clean up and have completely ruined the floor at this point. Finally realizing that the problem was not something like a reluctance to use the box, I racked my brains as to how can you catch the overflow?

The culprit = Moxie

20 July 2015

#ManiMonday On the Go! - Zoya's Tiana

For my nails this week...well, today 'cause let's face it I can't wear just one shade for an entire week!...I chose Tiana from Zoya. I love this polish. I almost included it in my Summer Polish Picks, but chose Pop Beauty's Mint Magic instead. I just couldn't justify them both. I might actually prefer Tiana though! It's a beautiful spring green. It's a bright but not loud minty green that's a touch less blue and perhaps more yellow than a standard mint. Spring green is definitely the right way to describe it. The formula is great, though it requires a pretty standard two coats. The first coat can be a bit patchy, but nothing that isn't fixed with a follow up. A lovely shade that I adore for both Spring and Summer!

Sorry for the rubbish photo this week, but it's been a hurried start to the week already and I didn't get a chance to take a more professional pic. Like the accidental not-quite-matching to my dress? :)

What are you rocking on your nails this week? I'd love to hear about it in a comment!!! 

15 July 2015

Ciaté's Sunday's - Hunting the Perfect Nude Nail

I feel like everyone needs a good nude nail polish. It’s like the “little black dress” for nails. It goes with everything, works for any situation and is just kind of classy, tasteful and elegant. Basically it’s most things that I am not! J Much like any necessity in life, finding that perfect nude polish can be daunting and incredibly time consuming. But alas! I think I have found it and I wanted to share my find because, of course, it’s a limited edition polish. It is from the Olivia Palermo Collection for Ciaté in the shade “Sunday’s.” Absolutely stunning and completely perfect on my nails!

13 July 2015

#ManiMonday - The Body Shop Just Peachy

Today for Manicure Monday we have a shade from The Body Shop. It is called Just Peachy, though I have no idea why. It's what I would call a tomato orange because it's mainly orange with a tinge of red. No peach what-so-ever. Regardless, it's a really pretty summer shade and I love it! The formula is nice, though somewhat chip-prone on my nails. It is pretty even and opaque in just 1 coat, though I used 2. Really nothing of note about the formula or brushes of these polishes, but they do have some beautiful colors. I should point out that these full-size bottles are babies, containing 0.22oz / 6.8mL of polish, while other brands are typically 0.5oz / 15mL. Still, the colors are great and I'm not one to use the same shade repeatedly so I don't mind the smaller size. It's quite deceptive though so I wanted to point that out! I really enjoy the Colour Crush polishes and they are nice cruelty free polishes!

On Wednesday I should have another polish-related post. We'll be hunting for the perfect nude! Hope to see you then and thanks so much for stopping by!!!

08 July 2015

Sunday Riley - Luna Sleeping Night Oil - Worth the Hype?

There has been a fair amount of buzz surrounding Sunday Riley lately. It seemed a bit odd to me given the price points of the products. Sure, the claims seem fantastic, but since when do products actually live up to their hype? Well, I’m convinced that the Luna Sleeping Night Oil is definitely a product deserving of the hype…and the high price point!

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