02 October 2015

Favorites & Feeling Festive ~ September 2015

Well September is over and Fall is officially here. Despite the shorter days and the dropping temperatures, I’m kind of enjoying this transition into Fall. It’s been a relatively good month and I have a decent collection of Favorites to share with you today! I may not be a huge fan of the Autumnal chill, but I have to admit that I love Fall makeup!!! J So let’s take a stroll through the most fantastic of the beautiful things that Fall had to offer this month. J I present to you my September Favorites!

30 September 2015

Then & Now - Favorites Revisited - September 2012

I thought I would do something a little different today and take a trip down memory lane. I know I’m not reinventing the wheel, but it’s something new for this blog at least! Each month in addition to my current favorites posts, I’m going to try to look back at the favorites I had from years before. Some things may no longer be cruelty free, or I may have found a better alternative. Maybe I still love something, or maybe I completely forgot it existed. I started writing favorites posts in September of 2012, so this month is only a logical month to begin! You can check out the original post here. So let’s meet all those ghosts of Christmas’ past! J

28 September 2015

#ManiMonday - China Glaze Cabin Fever...Again!

Happy #ManiMonday everyone! I suppose today’s polish is rather boring since I just showed it in my Fall Polish Picks (check out the rest here). It is 2 coats of  Cabin Fever” from China Glaze. It’s a gorgeous polish and it applies wonderfully as well. It’s kind of a reddish-burgundy-brown-gold duo-chrome metallic. I swear it even has an almost lilac and green hue in certain lights as well. That’s a lot to fit into one polish! J I don’t really see much in the way of brush strokes, which can be an issue with metallics, so that’s a definite plus! It’s just a pretty shade…a unique one as well and great for Autumn (which definitely feels like it’s here). J Not much more to say today, so I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing “Cabin Fever”…again! J

25 September 2015

For the Love of ColourPop - My Pathetic Overview of the Brand

ColourPop is an amazing cruelty free and mostly vegan brand that I have mentioned many times on this blog, yet it’s a company that I’ve never actually reviewed products from. There is a simple reason for this – I can’t figure out how or what to say! I guess first and foremost is that I absolutely love their products…not to mention the attitude that seems laced throughout their names and the sense of humor laced throughout their website descriptions. Seriously, check out a description or two and look at the FAQ section and you’ll see what I mean. J They are, of course, cruelty free and they make so many vegan products that their list of vegan products is actually the few items that are not vegan. Perhaps because I love the brand and the products so much, I really feel like a review needs to do them justice and I just don’t think I can! The products are so hard to describe – from the actual shades to the really unusual formulations. How do you explain the texture of a shadow that feels like nothing you’ve ever touched? So, I’ve been stumped. And as I struggle with how to discuss them, they keep inventing more and more types of products…plus the new shades never stop. It’s truly impressive…and frustrating! J This long winded intro is my way of letting you know that, a) ColourPop is amazing, and b) I’m going to massively fail at trying to discuss ColourPop Cosmetics today! J

23 September 2015

Fall / Autumn Nail Polish Picks & Nail Swatches 2015 (PIC HEAVY)

It’s official. Today is the first day of Fall!!! What better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite nail polish shades for Autumn? I’m not one to follow trends much, but I do tend to favor different colors during different seasons and these are the shades that grabbed my eye this year! So if you need a bit of Fall nail inspiration, here are a few suggestions for Autumnal nails.

21 September 2015

#ManiMonday - Butter London & KB Shimmer

Today’s nails are yet again another re-paint from last week. I never do that kind of thing. Must be some weird phase. J Anyway, I grabbed for a shade that I usually don’t like much and thought I should give it another chance. It is “Yummy Mummy” from Butter London. It’s a soft almost beigey-grey with a very subtle shimmer, but I always find that it’s too similar in depth to my skin tone. Not a fan. Instead of starting all over, I figured why not just throw some glitter on it and see what happens, right? So I added “Ice Queen” from KB Shimmer and I absolutely love the combo! “Ice Queen” is just a pretty densely packed holographic glitter with a variety of shapes and sizes in a clear base. It’s absolutely amazing and I love it, but it can be a bit much everyday. Somehow I took the most boring color and the most amazing, intense glitter and made something fun, but not over the top…at least in my eyes. J Absolutely love, love, love this combo! (Click "Read More" for more pictures & more info)

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